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Re: Deathrust ?sss

On Mon, 22 Jun 1998, RJ Latherow wrote:
+ Give me your opinions.  Be honest.  I know everything is possible given
+ time and money, but for the sake of arguement assume I have little.  I'm
+ talking like a number of weekends to be doable, but not the lives of my
+ children and grandchildren.

	A number of weekends.  Maybe all of them for the rest of the
year, and then some.  It's rather difficult to cut and patch metal
like the window-area rust there, 'cause of the shape, and the fact
that you want it to end up really smooth, 'cause you can see it.  (You
should see, by contrast, some of the welds under my car)  It's not
impossible, it's a question of dedication.  The rear cargo area will
probably require a section cut from a donor car.  (And if you have to
find a rust-free one to cut up, why bother?  On the other hand, if you
just happen to run into one that's been hit in the front..)

+ If you say this car, would you laugh and walk away?  or would you go..

	Well, I'd be scared.  I have a '69 square in less rusty
condition that I'm considering parting out.

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