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Re: needle color

Several people wrote to clarify the red needle question, thanks to 
all.  Since this post was the most complete, I just wanted to fix a 
couple of dates on the later styles.

> Here's the scoop on needle colors
> Grey Face Gauges (late 61-69 model year)
> Red: EARLY (61-63? methinks) cars, before the S line of Square or Notch was
> even introduced
> White: 64?-69 cars. Can also be a faded cream color due to age etc.

Grey faced gauges were -71, with a change of retaining springs for 71 

> Black Faced Gauges (70-74)

Black faced gauges were 72-3, using the same retaining springs as 71.

> I don't know, I've never really looked
> Remember that all three gauges (or two in early N model cars with no clock and
> a factory gauge delete in it's place, kool) would always have the same color
> needle, And that EVERY gauge VDO ever made for Volkswagen has a month and year
> stamped on the back. I hope this helps. 

Someone around here had a 71 (I think) fastback that didn't come with 
a clock.  Just had that strange little dummy insert in there.  Does 
anyone know what this stripped down version was sold as.  I believe 
this was a US car, but I don't recall ever seeing such an option at 
the dealers here.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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