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Fw: Motors

The problem being is.......It belonged to someone that just wanted to
"trick" it out. Lowered the front end enough to break shocks, etc., etc. It
HAD dual carbs, but he had already sold them. I went back with a Weber two
barrel setup. That's not the problem. Thought maybe it was a fuel problem,
(maybe vaporization since it has been in the triple digits here lately) or
a fuel pump. My biggest problem is that I am getting overly frustrated with
it and I just need to walk away from for a while. (I had been running
around town all morning, shut it off to go and do something and then when I
got back into it, it ran for about two blocks gave about three hiccups and
refused to go any further. I was mad enough to walk the 6 miles back to my
house.) I can come up with T1 motors relatively quick (Don't know why I
asked if anyone had one) and was just wondering if it could be done. Now
that I have calmed down a bit, I have re-thought the idea of shooting it. 

I visited the site with the pix of your Square on it. I must
say..........You, Sir, have one OUTSTANDING Square!!!!!!!!!

Jerry Morris
69 Squareback
65 Bug  

> From: Erkson, Toby <toby.erkson@intel.com>
> To: "VWtype3"  <type3@vwtype3.org>
> Subject: RE: Motors
> Date: Monday, June 22, 1998 8:21 PM
> 1. Yes.
> 2. You mean aside from ignoring the stares of disbelief or having to
> to
> anyone since you won't have an engine cover?  Too many for a Squareback,
> enough
> to be too many in a Fast or Notch.
> 3. Nope.
> What shop manuals do you have?  For basic maintenance and work you should
> have
> an Idiot's Guide...a Bentley and/or Haynes is recommended as well.  What
> your problems?  The T3 is the same engine as a T1 with exception to
> cooling, but even then that isn't any complication.  Fuel injection
> problems? 
> Simpler to correct than most people think but if you are just dead set
> against
> it then switch to a stock carb setup -- just be sure to carefully remove
> FI
> system and give it to a listee! ;)
> I know you didn't learn the T1 overnight so don't expect the same from
> T3
> (give yourself a break!).  At least knowing a lot about the T1 will give
> an
> edge about the T3, heck, I had to teach myself and after 13 years I'm
> learning (usually the hard, expensive way...)!
> What can I do to help?  Because a T1 in a T3, particularly a Squareback,
> will
> put a canyon in your relationship and remove all value from the T3
> you
> plan on putting gobs of money in it to use as a racing vehicle).

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