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'65 Squareback for sale

Ok, I came across another VW I had to have for a daily driver so I am
formally putting the '65 Squareback S up for sale.  I have put a list of
everything I could think of down below but here's a short description for

'65 Squareback, 141K original miles, original paint, used as daily
driver for about 1 year, around 6000 miles.  A lot of new parts plus a lot
of extra parts go with it, roof rack, tow hitch, parcel tray, etc., etc.
$2500 obo for car, accessories, everything!

I previously said $2K firm, which stands for any listee - Type 3, Type 2,

It's located in Phoenix, AZ and I can deliver it anywhere within a
reasonable distance (500 miles) if purchased first.

There are pictures on my web site, of course.

Thank you,
Everett Barnes


1965 Squareback 1500 S

o 6-volt
o 80% Original Sea Blau paint (passenger front fender replaced
  and repainted)
o 99% rust free including excellent battery tray
o 141K original miles
o 1966 1600 engine and transmission, factory dual-carbs.
o Recent oil and tranny fluid changes
o New distributor, cap, rotor, points, plug wires, and condenser
o New fuel filter and fuel lines.
o Original interior
o Upgraded to '72-'73 4-lug front disc and rear drum brakes
o Good tires
o Original owner's manual
o Sapphire III radio - professionally refurbished with new speaker
  and factory chrome radio bracket
o Factory exhaust with chrome exhaust tip
o Excellent rear seat handle (Rare!)
o Everything works, everything is hooked up and there.
o Good heater system
o Recent door seal and rear hatch seal
o Have all original 5-lug parts including full front beam and
  correct rims and hubcaps
o Roof rack
o Tow hitch
o Finger guards
o Parcel tray
o 60s German Hella driving lights
o Original CA black plates and dealer frames
o New battery and generator
o Original VW keys (Make others jealous!)
o Factory 3-point shoulder belts - Rare?
o "Letter from Germany"
o List of past 3 owners, in case someone wanted to try to
  track down the original owner
o 009 distributor in car plus original distributor
o NOS shift boot
o Flat European taillight lenses
o A few boxes of extra early Type 3 parts - seals, taillights,
  interior, etc.
o Extra correct steering column and ignition switch
o Recent shocks
o Smog check exempt in most states

Used as daily driver for approximately last year, 6000 miles.
$2500 obo for car/accessories

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