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Re: Litchfield Bug-In Report

Charles was a little wrong, I was there.

I was standing next to Todd Daley, when they were talking, but failed to
introduce myself.   My deepest apoligies.

As Charlie said not to many T-3's, but a nicely painted T-4. It had a Drip
paint them, done like Flames, soaring down the car.

I do think the venue was better than last year, way more Show Space.

I found a few original T-3 Mufflers, anybody need one?
Todd Daley also found a pair of NOS T-3 Carbs.:O)
All in all, a nice show.

Shawn & Lisa Albertin
65Variant(the Egg Crate)
88Fox GL Wagen (Mabel)

-----Original Message-----
From: Charles E. Whitney <clncrew@erols.com>
To: type3@vwtype3.org <type3@vwtype3.org>
Date: Sunday, June 21, 1998 7:01 PM
Subject: Litchfield Bug-In Report

>Hello All,
>Just returned from the Litchfield Bug-In held here in Connecticut.  Was
>a really good show.  As at all shows however, the T-3 attendance was
>low.  There were more split T-1's than T-3's!
>It was a pleasure to meet Todd Daley, he came down all the way from
>Canada in his '71 square with cool roof rack.  Sorry Keith Park and
>Shawn Albertin didn't make the trip.  There was a nice '69 Fastback in
>attendance.  I'm a stock freak and it was custom so it didn't impress
>me, but you custom folks would have been impressed.  Todd said it will
>be featured in VW trends some time.  A nice, one owner '72 Fastback was
>there, a '65 Notch, my '67 Square, a '69 Square, and Todd's '71 Square,
>that was it.
>The swap meet was just okay.  It seemed to me everything was junk (
>inexpensive) or extremely nice (way out of my price range).  The
>exception to this was some NOS still in the box early front wrap around
>turn signal housings for $20.00 and early rear light housings for
>$30.00.  I was tempted to buy them just for bookends in my VW room at
>the house, but I've got some nice spares already in case I need them.
>There was an NOS early rear fender for $250.00 (cough, cough).  I bought
>a T-3 Bendtley manual for $15.00 and a Clymer manual for $7.  One guy
>had a two volume T-3 service manual (official VW) but wanted $125.00 so
>I passed, a T-3 parts book for $55.00 in rough shape, so I passed.
>The best find of the day was a pair of VW coveralls someone scored from
>a dealership.  They had several styles with different things printed on
>the back (VW Service, VW parts, Mr. Bubblehead)  For $20.00 I purchased
>a pair that had printed on the back the whole VW line-up from about '71
>including T-1, T-3, and T-2.  Now my wife wont scream at my greasy
>clothes anymore!
>Well, guess that's the report,
>'67 Square

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