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Litchfield Bug-In Report

Hello All,

Just returned from the Litchfield Bug-In held here in Connecticut.  Was
a really good show.  As at all shows however, the T-3 attendance was
low.  There were more split T-1's than T-3's!  

It was a pleasure to meet Todd Daley, he came down all the way from
Canada in his '71 square with cool roof rack.  Sorry Keith Park and
Shawn Albertin didn't make the trip.  There was a nice '69 Fastback in
attendance.  I'm a stock freak and it was custom so it didn't impress
me, but you custom folks would have been impressed.  Todd said it will
be featured in VW trends some time.  A nice, one owner '72 Fastback was
there, a '65 Notch, my '67 Square, a '69 Square, and Todd's '71 Square,
that was it.

The swap meet was just okay.  It seemed to me everything was junk (
inexpensive) or extremely nice (way out of my price range).  The
exception to this was some NOS still in the box early front wrap around
turn signal housings for $20.00 and early rear light housings for
$30.00.  I was tempted to buy them just for bookends in my VW room at
the house, but I've got some nice spares already in case I need them.
There was an NOS early rear fender for $250.00 (cough, cough).  I bought
a T-3 Bendtley manual for $15.00 and a Clymer manual for $7.  One guy
had a two volume T-3 service manual (official VW) but wanted $125.00 so
I passed, a T-3 parts book for $55.00 in rough shape, so I passed.

The best find of the day was a pair of VW coveralls someone scored from
a dealership.  They had several styles with different things printed on
the back (VW Service, VW parts, Mr. Bubblehead)  For $20.00 I purchased
a pair that had printed on the back the whole VW line-up from about '71
including T-1, T-3, and T-2.  Now my wife wont scream at my greasy
clothes anymore!

Well, guess that's the report,

'67 Square

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