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Re: 71 Fastback

> In his garage sat a 1971 Fastback, with an automatic transmission, and
> 95000 kilometers on the odometer (approx. 57000 miles).  I inquired
> about the price and the old man said "You can have it.  I'm too old to
> fool with it and I just want it out of my garage after all these
> years! (15 years to be exact)  Yep, I got if for free and German spec
> cars can be shipped back to the U.S. as is if they are over 25 years


>      Not knowing very much about Type 3's I was hoping you folks could
> answer some questions for me. How rare is this car?  I have never seen
> any old VW with a fully automatic tranny?!?!  How rare is it to find
> one in this kind of shape?

Type 3s became available with automatics in 68 in europe and 69 in 
the US.  Type 4 came out with automatics from their start, which was, 
I think, actually in 69 in Europe.

  I put a charged battery from a friends bug
> in it and every thing electrical in it works to include the clock? 

The clock is a common problem!

> Please, give me some direction here.  I initially wanted a VW to fix
> up and have a hot rod.  I don't think I want to do that with this car,
> right?


> I'll cut it off for now and if anyone has any suggestions, tips, or
> anything please E-mail me or post.

Buy a copy of the Beltley manual:
Volkswagen Official Service Manual
Type 3 Fastback and Squareback 1968-1973
published by Robert Bentley, Cambridge, Mass, 1974
ISBN 0-8376-0057-X / LPV 997 383 / VSQU
(excellent book, complete and well written)

Jim Adney
Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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