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Re: 71 Fastback

<B>Sounds like you got yourself a great find!!!&nbsp; Enjoy!</B><B></B>

<P>John Gatten wrote:
<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I am brand new to the list, stationed in Germany,&nbsp;
and I have
<BR>just aquired my first VW.&nbsp; I have done a lot of reading on bugs
<BR>when I saw this car I just had to have it.&nbsp; (I'm a little long
<BR>but bear with me)&nbsp; A GOOD friend (you will understand why he is
<BR>friend in minute)&nbsp; told me about a fast back in a garage that
an old
<BR>man wanted to unload.&nbsp; I said, "great" and we went and looked
at it.
<BR>In his garage sat a 1971 Fastback, with an automatic transmission,
<BR>95000 kilometers on the odometer (approx. 57000 miles).&nbsp; I inquired
<BR>about the price and the old man said "You can have it.&nbsp; I'm too
old to
<BR>fool with it and I just want it out of my garage after all these
<BR>years! (15 years to be exact)&nbsp; Yep, I got if for free and German
<BR>cars can be shipped back to the U.S. as is if they are over 25 years
<BR>old!!!!!&nbsp; WooooHoooo!!!!!
<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The car had been vandalized slightly
and the old man moved it
<BR>into the garage and did not touch it for 15 years.&nbsp; Someone had
<BR>house paint and glue on the passenger side and broke the passenger
<BR>door window.&nbsp; (He gave me the new window for it too)&nbsp; Folks,
<BR>from a couple of spots of surface rust the car is perfect.&nbsp; The
<BR>interior looks like it just rolled off the show room floor.&nbsp; I
<BR>the carpet back and I cannot tell you how new the floor looks.&nbsp;
I am
<BR>more and more amazed each time I explore this thing.
<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Not knowing very much about Type 3's I was
hoping you folks could
<BR>answer some questions for me. How rare is this car?&nbsp; I have never
<BR>any old VW with a fully automatic tranny?!?!&nbsp; How rare is it to
<BR>one in this kind of shape?&nbsp; I put a charged battery from a friends
<BR>in it and every thing electrical in it works to include the clock?
<BR>Please, give me some direction here.&nbsp; I initially wanted a VW
to fix
<BR>up and have a hot rod.&nbsp; I don't think I want to do that with this

<P>I'll cut it off for now and if anyone has any suggestions, tips, or
<BR>anything please E-mail me or post.

<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Matt Gatten

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