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71 Fastback

Hello there,
     I am brand new to the list, stationed in Germany,  and I have
just aquired my first VW.  I have done a lot of reading on bugs but
when I saw this car I just had to have it.  (I'm a little long winded
but bear with me)  A GOOD friend (you will understand why he is a GOOD
friend in minute)  told me about a fast back in a garage that an old
man wanted to unload.  I said, "great" and we went and looked at it. 
In his garage sat a 1971 Fastback, with an automatic transmission, and
95000 kilometers on the odometer (approx. 57000 miles).  I inquired
about the price and the old man said "You can have it.  I'm too old to
fool with it and I just want it out of my garage after all these
years! (15 years to be exact)  Yep, I got if for free and German spec
cars can be shipped back to the U.S. as is if they are over 25 years
old!!!!!  WooooHoooo!!!!!
      The car had been vandalized slightly and the old man moved it
into the garage and did not touch it for 15 years.  Someone had thrown
house paint and glue on the passenger side and broke the passenger
door window.  (He gave me the new window for it too)  Folks, aside
from a couple of spots of surface rust the car is perfect.  The
interior looks like it just rolled off the show room floor.  I pulled
the carpet back and I cannot tell you how new the floor looks.  I am
more and more amazed each time I explore this thing.
     Not knowing very much about Type 3's I was hoping you folks could
answer some questions for me. How rare is this car?  I have never seen
any old VW with a fully automatic tranny?!?!  How rare is it to find
one in this kind of shape?  I put a charged battery from a friends bug
in it and every thing electrical in it works to include the clock? 
Please, give me some direction here.  I initially wanted a VW to fix
up and have a hot rod.  I don't think I want to do that with this car,

I'll cut it off for now and if anyone has any suggestions, tips, or
anything please E-mail me or post.

     Matt Gatten

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