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front clip info/help needed

ok, I'll try and do a better job of weeding out my typos today.

As many of you know, we crashed up our 71 Squareback a few months back and
we've finally settled with the insurance company.  They totaled it out, we're
buying it back and are going to have it repaired ourselves when we have the
time and $ to do so.

With the $ we get from the Square, we're buying a Notch that comes with about
75% of a Fastback as a "parts car".  The guy we're buying the Notch from wants
certain parts off it and we get the rest.  He wants the drive train
(engine/tranny, axels and the pans) we get the rest which includes a front
clip if we can get it cut off.  He said "other than the stuff I want, you can
have the rest, just bring your tools to take it apart" 

So my question is this.  How hard is it to cut off a front clip???  Keep in
mind I dont know squat about air cooled VW's, I grew up watercooled and
besides that, I've never used a torch or a sawzall or any other tool required
to cut this clip off (except for a hack saw).  is it something that's fairly
obvious once the fenders, hood, axels have been removed??  or should we bring
along some help???

If we need "help," is there anyone willing to provide such help?  I'm sure we
could work out some sort of compensation for your time and use of your tools.
(most likely cold hard cash, but maybe some parts too)  The car is located in
San Diego (poway I'm pretty sure) and we're going to be coming down fron the
Redondo Beach area and would be willing to work with anyone in the area. 

We really need this clip to fix our square and since it's basically free, we
dont want to pass it up.  We can probably take care of removing all the other
stuff, but we're stuck when it comes to the clip since it needs to be cut.
can anyone help???   please


72 Notch (deposit sent today)
71 Square (begging you to help it get this new front clip)
60 Kombi (baking in Arizona sun)
92 GTi (the outcast of the family)

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