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Re: 69 fastback 4 sale!

> My type 3 Fastback has been very good to me in the year I have owned her
> with the exception of a few set backs here and there. The thing is she's
> kind of a rare bird (being fully automatic) and there always seems to be
> something to do. Not that I mind messing about with her, it's just I
> haven't been able to devote the time or money she deserves. I bought the
> car to restore it to it's original beauty, yet I haven't really done
> anything but keep her road worthy. The car is a good car that's
> basically all there and drive's like the Cadilac of volksies, yet it
> really needs a loving home.

> engine run's pretty good (old single side draft solex is kinda tired)

> First $2600.00 firm takes the rare beauty home.
>  Can deliver with in five hours anywhere near Baltimore Maryland
> I'm working on getting a picture to scan
> If you would like more detail please e-mail

Automatics are not rare at all, but a single side draft 69 automatic 
in the US?  Now that's RARE!  What do you know of its history.  I 
don't think it could have been originally purchased in the US since 
all US T3s were FI from 68 on.

Or did someone convert this car to single carb later on?

I hope someone who can appreciate this car will get together with 

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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