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Re: Dashpad

On 17 Jun 98 at 8:25, type3@vwtype3.org wrote:

> Wow, good work, sonny!  Yeah, the dash pad these places supply is the later
> style look with the raised speaker grille, not the flush matrix of holes
> that was stock for my 69.  I never did post my review of the
> installation...must've taken me 5 hours just to get the thing *on*...there
> was a bit of stretching to be done, and IMO the molds for these things
> could be modified a bit to make the attachment near the windshield more
> exacting.  I had to bend down the L-shaped front retainers so they were
> flat because the dash seemed a bit shorter than necessary.  But not the
> thing is in and it looks great...much better than the cracked original
> (though I'd try to find a nice original if you had the cash to spend and
> treat that baby with liberal amounts of rubber conditioner to prevent it
> from cracking).

The late dash pad did not use the brackets you describe, that is part 
of the reason that you had to tweak things to fit.  I agree that the 
manufacturer should do a better job.  I think they have just copied 
old dashes which had shrunk with time, plus I would guess that the 
polyurethane undergoes a bit of the usual mold shrinkage.  All in 
all, they are too small.

The rubber conditioner has no real long term effect on the rubber.  
The effect on your psyche is debatable.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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