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Re: Dashpad Suppliers

Wow, good work, sonny!  Yeah, the dash pad these places supply is the later
style look with the raised speaker grille, not the flush matrix of holes
that was stock for my 69.  I never did post my review of the
installation...must've taken me 5 hours just to get the thing *on*...there
was a bit of stretching to be done, and IMO the molds for these things
could be modified a bit to make the attachment near the windshield more
exacting.  I had to bend down the L-shaped front retainers so they were
flat because the dash seemed a bit shorter than necessary.  But not the
thing is in and it looks great...much better than the cracked original
(though I'd try to find a nice original if you had the cash to spend and
treat that baby with liberal amounts of rubber conditioner to prevent it
from cracking).

Just my $0.02...

69 auto FI square
73 FI fasty

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Finally did some phoning around to get some answers.

Only one kind of repro dash seems to exist.  i think for the later years,

According to the ads in VW Trends and Hot VWs, the following supply
dashpads for Type 3s:


Pacific Customs Unltd./Moore Racing Team
$80  +  $5 handling  +  shipping (+ CA tax)
maker: "Universal Urethane"

Econo International
$100  +  shipping (+ CA tax)
maker: "made in the USA", by WCM? "no", by Universal Urethane? "yes"

So.Cal. Imports
62-73 T3: $69.95  +  $3 handling  +  shipping
maker: "Urethane" or "WCM" ***

Kustom 1 Warehouse
T3: $64.95  +  $3 handling  +  shipping
could you tell me who makes these please? "no", oh why not? "the guys are
on lunch" [at 3pm...], can you call me back with the info then? "hmmphh"
and of course i never heard back from them.  their loss.

*** I'd imagine this is probably "Universal Urethane" as above, since WCM
no longer supply them (according to their catalog)

i would conclude that U.U. are the only company that makes them.

shipping seems to vary from ~$5 - $15, depending on where you live and how
much they want to profit from it.


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