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Re: exhaust paint

At 12:06 AM 6/17/98 -0600, you wrote:
>Hey, DONT USE THE EXHAUST HEADER WRAP!!!! It will put X-Tra Heat in your
>Engine! Unless you have Turbo, It isnt all that good to keep all that heat
>in there eh? If I'm wrong sorry.. but in a T-3 ALL the Cooling Air comes
>from the FENDERS Through that Big Boot in the back of your Car.... so having
>the header unwrapped, seems hotter to open the decklid... but.... in the
>longrun your engine is cooler.. Well later all...

>>I've also used the header wrap on my drag car.  It works great.  Made a
>>big difference in the under hood temperture.  I wouldn't use it on a daily
>>driver though, because when it gets wet, it will start to rust your exhaust
>>out very quickly.

Like I said above, I HAVE USED THE HEADER WRAP!, Not just guessing what
could happen.

In my opinion and experience, The exhaust wrap won't keep extra heat in the
it keeps the header and exhaust from transfering heat into the engine
Also, why would a Turbo engine require header wrap, and not a normally

Maybe we need to run a few test with a head temp gauge and oil temp gauge, with
 and without header wrap.  Anybody interested?

See ya

Scott Morrow				 
Kansas City, MO 

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