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Re: Just venting... +some T3 content :P

(Toby ranting as usual.  :P  )

>Oh, Toby, that's nothing, jeez, he gave you 21 minutes! If you really wanted
>it, you should have either set a larger max. bid or watched it.  I've 'won'
>stuff with < 5 seconds remaining.  Guess that makes me mean, too, or at
>least psycho.
>'65 Squareback

For Toby:  I know how you feel, Bro. Everett has beaten me out of many pieces that I wanted and although I said a few things under my breath when I saw the auction was over, it was at myself for not bidding correctly.  I bet your just ticked that you didn't check again...

And Mike:  You should get to know Toby. This was a non-attacking vent. If it was a direct attack, it would have been directed to only you and you would see the difference. 

It is however now YOUR responsibility (now that you have purchased it) to make this piece of literature available on the web.  Many of our fellow T-3 List mambers have this understanding.  When we buy on eBay, we try not to nab it from fellow T-3 listers, because we know they will make it available on the web.  (Besides, we pester them until they do.)

You can tell those who want to further the VW Scene by how much they give back to the comunity.

And BTW, be glad I have this policy, I've seen a couple auctions with your name, and I left it alone.  
: o

This has been a pulic service announcement brought to you by Big Al



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