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Re: needed advice from those in the know

>      I recently acquired a '69 squareback with 27,000 original miles in 
> practically mint condition.  The original owner passed away at the ripe 
> old age of 95.  The inspection ran out in '96 thus it must not have been 
> driven for two years.  
>      Currently it is in his garage collecting dust.  I need to get to a 
> garage for inspection and a once over.
>      Question #1:  Is there anything I should know about driving a car                    
> that has not moved in 2 years so as not to                    cause 
> undue damage?(i.e. breaking it in)

Perhaps the first thing would be to sell it to me!  ;-)

concentrate on those things that are not working right.  There will 
be plenty of them.  Expect to have electrical, fuel, and brake 
problems. Don't even THINK of restoration stuff until you have the 
functional things working.

>      Question #2:  Being new to car repair/restoration, what things                    
> should I be doing/learning to do as opposed to                    giving 
> all my hard earned cash to my friendly                    neighborhood 
> mechanic?

If you start out think RESTORATION you will tear everything apart, 
get it half put back together, and then discover that NOTHING works.  
You will have the sum of all the things that were wrong when you got 
the car as well as those thing which you inevitably messed up in the 
restoration.  This will be overwhelming and you will never finish.  
It will be a waste of your money and of a nice car.

Be realistic, don't ever get too far from "completion" and you have a 
pretty good chance of success.

And, yes, buy the Bentley manual.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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