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RE: needed advice from those in the know

do it ALL yourself.  Sounds rediculous, I know, and I once thought it
sounded crazy, but VWs are the one car where you CAN do it all yourself.
Your life will be richer, and your relationship with the car will be

everyone is going to say to buy the books, and they are right.  That
would be step 1.  Muir, Bently, I even have the Haynes (pictures of a
dirty car are very helpfull, versus the showroom car Bently worked with)

I guess there are a few things I would let a mechanic do versus myself-
the tranny, for example, is weird because you need some special tools.
Engines are doable, but a fair amount needs to be done by a competent
machine shop.  paint would be another one-  that is all skill, skill
that I don't have.  but for mechanical and restorative things, it is
worth taking the time and teaching yourself how it all works.  Its easy.
my wife thought i was crazy when I got ours, and now she's greasy along
with me.

toooo coool.  Its a VW, and it sound like an incredible one at that.
Who better to care for it than yourself?


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> Sent:	Tuesday, June 16, 1998 5:11 PM
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> Subject:	needed advice from those in the know
> Hello,
>      I recently acquired a '69 squareback with 27,000 original miles
> in 
> practically mint condition.  The original owner passed away at the
> ripe 
> old age of 95.  The inspection ran out in '96 thus it must not have
> been 
> driven for two years.  
>      Currently it is in his garage collecting dust.  I need to get to
> a 
> garage for inspection and a once over.
>      Question #1:  Is there anything I should know about driving a car
> that has not moved in 2 years so as not to                    cause 
> undue damage?(i.e. breaking it in)
>      Question #2:  Being new to car repair/restoration, what things
> should I be doing/learning to do as opposed to
> giving 
> all my hard earned cash to my friendly                    neighborhood
> mechanic?
> I'm trying to learn and I'm reading posts to the group, but any advice
> to a newbie would be greatly appreciated.
> Chris Fox
> '69 squareback
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