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RE: Swapping parts between years/models

wow!  A type 4!!!

yeah, the fenders are swappable, rear ones for all years and front ones
per early/late. (there's 2 types-  late mondel and early model.  earlys
are all swappable, and all lates are swappable)

You can swap bodies too-   I'm about to do it between a 63 notch ahd 71
square-  only problem you might have is wiring-  if you have FI, the
harness goes with the body.making it tough to put on a older body and
making the FI work.

But i doubt that is your problem!

As to the auto / manual, I have no clue.  But someone will..  

Oh, there's 2 auto squares (late) for sale at a tow yard in Clearwater,
Fl, it anyone is intertested...


> -----Original Message-----
> From:	Decker, F J [SMTP:Decker.F@PSS.Boeing.com]
> Sent:	Tuesday, June 16, 1998 12:08 PM
> To:	'type3@vwtype3.org'
> Subject:	Swapping parts between years/models
> I may be aquiring an automatic '69 squareback and a manual '68
> fastback.
> (I'm going to look at them tonight).  The fenders on the square need
> to
> be replaced.  The ones on the fasty are good.  I want to keep the
> square
> and use the fasty for parts.  
> Questions:
> 1)	I want the square to be a manual.  I believe there are
> differences between the floorpans for auto vs. manuals on bugs.  Is
> this
> the case on T3's?
> 2)	If there is a difference between auto and manual, can the '69
> square body be put on the '68 fasty floorpan?  What type of issues
> might
> I encounter?
> 3)	Are the fenders interchangable?
> I'm sure I'll have more questions in the future.
> Thanks
> Jay Decker
> '72 411

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