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Re: 66 sqbk parts FS

On 14-Jun-98, Jim Adney wrote:
Joel Morton wrote:
* rear cargo compartment light and metal light frame/hinge cover In
particular, you might want to mention to anyone that wants to buy this, that
it will not fit on any other year model Squareback after 1965. I searched and
found one of these metal, one piece hinge covers only to discover afterwards
(and after paying $75) that it does not fit on my 1967 Square.  It does not
line up correctly at all. Don't want anyone else to make the same mistake as I
Patrick J. Morton . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Rauhankatu 28 as 27
FIN -- 20100  TURKU
Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA


The tin full width hinge cover for the Square should fit the later models, I
have put one on my '69 Square and have another for my '73 square.

If you look on the body metal under the roof lining you will see indentations
punched in the appropiate places, its just a matter of drilling holes where
the indentations are to take self tappers and screwing the tin cover on. Screw
the front and back first then the sides as you have to push quite hard to get
the sides to line up with the holes you have drilled. I removed the piece of
headlining under the tin.

Andy - Oz T3 Register.

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