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Re: late model notch

hi katie

vernon from new zealand here.i have a '63 notch ts(rhd) and a friend of mine
has two late model notches..one a '72 and another a '72.someone else i know
has a '72 and i've seen another '72.thats all i've seen here in new
zealand.it appears that late model notches are in fact rarer.

see ya

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From: TOASTEDT3@aol.com <TOASTEDT3@aol.com>
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Date: Monday, 15 June 1998 14:35
Subject: late model notch

>Hi.  My name is Katie and a while ago my boyfriend Matt wrote in and told
>list about my 71 squareback that was in a wreck that broke my nose...you
>see pics of the car as it looked before the wreck and as it looks now at
>Anyway, today we went to the Classic (a first time experience for both of
>and found a 72 notch for sale for a VERY reasonable price.  I was wondering
>how many of these there are in the U.S.  A friend of mine used to have a 70
>notch and he was always talking about how rare late model notchbacks are,
>I know that I have seen A LOT more early models than late models out there,
>but exactly what is the status on them?  Super rare?  Kinda rare?  Not rare
>all?  :)  I'm mainly interested in the number of them in the U.S., but
>who owns one anywhere in the world and has any info, please help me.
>Thanks in advance  :)
>Katie and Matt
>60 kombi
>71 squareback
>92 GTi

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