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Notch alert..in PA

Well folks...just spent the last few days in Erie, PA...wedding, that sort
of thing.

Found some XC door rubber for mom's jetta (rubber doesnt deteriorate up
there like it does down here, it seems...), a pair of door handles, etc
etc...nothing interesting enough to bring home that was
aircooled...Except!   (well, I didnt bring it home...)

Found a white 67 notch.  If you're the sort that WANTs a notch, and doesnt
mind a beater from hell, OR feel that anything is restorable (I didnt look
at the front or underside, cars all around it...engine is AFAIK all there,
etc, bad rear trunk hinge, and lots of edge rust, etc...kinda beat up,
too....Looks to have lots of good little bits, if you need a parts


Contact info:

Excel Industries  George Gunther
8306 Wattsburg Rd, Erie PA 16509-5846


He's quite a nice guy, easy to deal with...Has lots of bug parts, too..you
need a good used tranny, he's willing to garantee it good.  Lots of parts.

A few Manx copies, too....A decent looking Avenger too....It's all for
sale.:)  Rabbit parts, etc etc...If your looking for anything particular,
call him.  He's willing to ship most stuff, too.

And..Hmm.  Oh yeah.  He's got a Corvair station wagon, too...nifty
bastard.:)  A few late model bus laying around, too....

Tell him David from Georgia sentcha...


David Raistrick  '69 Westy-Itchigo			keen@finally.atlasta.net
		 '82 Westy-Baby Maxine (Mom's)
  		 '66 SO-44 Westy (coming soon!)		in Augusta Ga

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