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roadside repairs on the GroBglocknertrip (long)

John Kowalski who joined us on the GroBglocknertrip
already told some experiences of this wonderfull rally.

Here are my problem(solving) tales:

One of the brakediscs made a grinding noise. After a
few days of telling myself that nothings wrong one 
the brakepad was totally gone. I had them installed 
18 months ago so i didn't thought i would have 
problems here. Had them checked also before we hit 
the road. This occured on a sunday. 
We where very lucky that a mechanic at a gasstation
was helpfull and put four new brakepads in for only
$50. And on we went...... 

While driving in the mountains the engine died after
we drove off at a spot where we enjoyed the view in 
the mountains. We gave the engine some time to cool
off but no result. After checking the gaspump we knew
where it went wrong. Luckily i had a spare pump with
me and after the switch on we went......untill it
occured again a few days later. 
Sparepump also defect? We began to suspect the vapour 
lock syndrome but cooling off still gave no result. Also 
uninstalling and reinstalling the pump wasn't effective.
Buying another also seemed impossible (in Germany!) 
Installing the (cool) original pump was the answer. 
Later we had to install the sparepump again. It was a 
matter of keeping the pump cool and keep the engine 
running (cooling). And on we went......

On the autobahn (highway) in Germany a terrible noise 
made us think we had a flat tire. The car whoever was 
still driving without steering problems. 
Inspection learned that the  complete (original) surface 
of one of tires was teared off, but it still wasn't 
I was very surprised because before the tire looked solid, 
and not dried out or anything. They actually looked new 
when i bought them secondhand last year. Inspection of the 
production date revealed that the Semperits where already 
10 years old.  
Buying a new pair of 165-15 in Germany also was very 
difficult. I ended up with a pair of Michelin winter-tires 
because nothing else was available. And on we went.....
(Tomorrow 4 brand new Michelins XZX will mounted on my car
in Holland readily available)

What's next: running on 3 cilinders. Not very pleasant while
driving in the mountains. By pulling each of the cables out
of the distributor we could pinpoint the missing link.
Inspection of the sparkplug didn't reveal anything unusual
but after putting a new one in the engine was singing again.
And on we went.....

.....without further problems. In 2,5 weeks we drove about 
3000 miles. The car performed beautifully also on very steep
climbs of over 20%. That's with 3 adults, 3 tents, 3 camping
chairs and one table, picnic basket, refrigirator, barbecue 
etc. The newly mounted Monroe shocks with additional springs 
for heavy loads where absolutely great.
Thanks to John Kowalski, the beautiful Austrian mountains and
the warm and sunny Croatia and of course my '67 SB it was a 
great trip!

Richard Visser
'67 SB The Hague




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