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East coast road trip request (no Type 3 content)

We're getting ready for a trip from Atlanta up to NH and back starting on June
21 and ending on July 7.  We're not taking our '71 Squareback, but taking
the '72 VW Bus because of the extra room it provides.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone along our route would be willing to send me
their phone numbers in case we have problems along the way?  I don't think I'll
have internet access along the way, but that may change.  Here's our planned
route with approximate dates:

June 21 (Sunday) 
Greenville, SC
Charlotte, NC
Winston-Salem, NC
near Roanoke, VA

June 22 (Monday)
Roanoke, VA
Staunton, VA
Harrisonburg, VA
Martinsburg, WV
Hagerstown, MD
Harrisburg, PA
Jonestown, PA (I-78)

June 23 (Tuesday)
Allentown, PA
East Stroudsburg, PA
Port Jervis, NY
Kingston, NY
Albany/Troy, NY
Bennington, VT
Keene/Peterborough/Wilton, NH

We'll be spending a week and a half cruising around NH, eastern MA and VT and
then heading back basically the same route on July 5-7.  Just having names and
numbers of friendly people along the way will make our trip easier.

Dave Burden
(Woodstock, GA)

'85 VW Jetta diesel
'82 VW Rabbit pickup diesel
'72 VW Bus
'71 VW Squareback
'71 VW Squareback (resting peacefully)
'58 BMW Isetta 300 convertible
'26 Studebaker Standard Six hearse
'24 Studebaker Special Six touring car

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