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Removing a type III engine

Hello all,

Tomorrow I'll most likely be removing a type III engine (with FI), which
will be transplanted into my car at some point.  I've removed type I
engines before with little or no problems, but I'm wondering what else I
must be concerned with when removing this animal.  I understand that the
type I engines don't have the rear hanging bracket that the type IIIs have,
so I'd need to deal with that...anything else?

I'll also be removing the FI computer, and the wiring harness that goes
from the computer to the engine.  Does the large, multi-pin plug connect
the main harness to the computer, or the computer to the engine harness?
Basically I'm wondering if I can just unplug the computer from the harness
and remove the rear wiring plus the computer, or if I'll have to cut wires.

Many many thanks in advance!  I know some people hate answering questions
that could be answered by any of the various repair manuals available, but
I haven't had a chance to get Bentley yet for this car (69 square).  You'll
be happy to know that all my spare cash has been spent fixing her up,
making her water-tight, replacing worn out rubber, etc. etc. etc.


69 auto FI squareback
73 FI fastback

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