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Hey everyone!

Firtly, what a busy little bastard I can be sometimes!

Got my Blaupunkt Frankfurt radio going last night with a fellow 
electronics buff (he makes me look sillY- actually that isnt too 
hard...) and it all works. FM is bloody excellent so finally my 1964 'S' 
gets a radio. Wooo Hooo.

Next I have still lots of guages to sell off so if you need a 
replacement fuel gauge or speedo, keep emailing me.

Next bit of hot info, is I finally got myself a web page and it should 
be up and running within a week with pictures of the venetians for all 
to see and admire. Hell I might even put pictures of the panel van and 
notch on there! Maybe accessories  and literature. So many options!

And finally I have just about finished the fuel tank mods for the panel 
van. Welded up the standard outlet and tomorrow get the 3 new -8 
fittings welded into place in readiness for the fuel injection and 
nitrous lines (no I am not using nitrous initially). 

SPG crank is next on the agenda. As some may recall I sent off a 
flywheel to get match dowelled to it and it should be done in a week or 
so too (with new 6V ring gear and lightened to 11lbs). So yeah the 'S' 
is definitely getting an upgrade (74mm x 90mm).

So there you have it, and oh yeah Big Al should recieve my 1961 parts 
manual next week for inclusion on his web page with facotry pictures of 
the cabriolet and all associated parts. Should be interesting for all!

Keep you posted on all the hot news!

                        @ @
| Aaron Britcher              MOBILE: 0418 807 160   |
| <abritcher@ezinet.com.au>   HOME: +61 8 8265 3363  |
|                                                    |
| 1964 1500 'S' Notchback (312)                  \/  |
| 1965 1500 'N' Variant (366) Panel Van (M265)  \/\/ |

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