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Re: FI Computer

> Each wire is numbered. Wire #3 goes to cylinder 1, wire #4 to cylinder  4,
> wire #5 to cylinder 2 and wire #5 to cylinder 3.

There is a "hot" wire to each injector, but I don't think the number 
is the same as the cyl #.
> Each connector at the injector has 2 leads, one goes to the brain and the
> other goes to ground. With a continuity tester, check continuity between the
> connector at the brain and the connector at the injector. With a ground
> tester, check the ground between the brown wires on the top of the engine
> block (righmost and center as you face the engine standing at the rear of
> the car) to the other side of the connector at the injector.

This is correct.

> You may find you either have a broken wire going to the connector to the
> brain or a broken ground wire going to the engine.

Good advice.
> If you have continuity and a good ground, and you are sure that injector #3
> is firing, and you are sure the injector is good, you may indeed have a bad
> brain. If you find that injector #3 is "not" firing however, you probably
> have a set of dirty or bad trigger points (which was the source of my
> particular problem).

No, a bad brain would fail to fire both 2 and 3, while a bad set of 
trigger points will bring the whole engine to a halt, because one 
point not only triggers its injectors, but also resets the circuitry 
for the other pair.
> BTW, if the brain is bad, you can actually buy them rebuilt from Bosch. If
> you get a used one, be sure its for the correct year.


Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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