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Re: Rear view mirror

>I`ve got a question that has been bugging me for years:
>The rear view mirror in my `69 square has some kind of
>"thorn" with a bolt pointing towards the windshield.
>What`s it for ? I couldn`t find any hints in my literature.

This was a "feature" only found on 68-9 T3s.  That extra branch ends 
with a thresded piece that is rubber tipped.  The rubber tip (which 
has often fallen off and been lost) can be screwed out until it 
pushes against the windshield.  I beleive the purpose was intended to 
be twofold:

The first reason was to serve as a fulcrum so that if you were thrown 
against the  mirror in an accident it would help lever the mirror out 
of its spring loaded grip in the roof.  Note that this logic is 
faulty, but that may explain why VW dropped it in 70.

68 was the first year for the spring-loaded breakaway mounting of 
this mirror.

The second reason is that the extra point of support would help avoid 
annoying vibrations in the mirror that might hurt your rear vision.  
The later mirrors did without this, but do vibrate a bit more.  
However they use a shorter "stem" which changes their vibrational 
characteristics.  It also limits how far behind the car you can see 
with the rear view mirror.

The 68 and 69 mirrors were different:  only the 69 had the day/night 
feature.  This makes it highly desirable as a replacement in a 68 or 

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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