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Re: Type3 Without a Chassis.


I haven't seen a "complete" engine so I'll convey the best I can here...

Steven Ayres wrote:

> PaulW: I also expect you've got a Type IV engine on your hands, which is
> not a bad thing to have. To be sure: The fan on a T4 has a plastic basket
> over it, the T3 fan is enclosed in a tin shroud;

My orientation to the engine is the side without the automatic transmission.
>From the distributor back, is a cast shroud of some sort followed by a metal
shroud.  The 14v generator? is beside the distributor and next to the
generator? is a condensor?  (I really apologize for the lack of specifics
names here.)  Overlapping the cast shroud on the near right is some filter
that looks like it came of a lawn mower engine. (When will that shop manual
get here???)  Beside that on the far right is a "pancake filter" about 3.5"
to 4" thick.  Maybe this will clear things up - then again, maybe not :)

> the T3 will have at
> least a footing for a mechanical fuel pump at the rear on top, just like
> a T1, where the T4 has none;

In this location is a  metal "box" with 4 tubes attached leading 2 to the
right, 2 to the left.

> the T3 has a generator on the left on top,

Top left confirmed.

> the T4 has an alternator on the right and low.

No, this generator is top left on my engine.

> => I have been told that the T3 engine does not fit in a T1 chassis.
> True in that the sheet metal is all different and the T3 would suffer
> greatly from undercooling, but to cram it into a Bug or something would
> be a huge waste anyway. If it's a T4 you're looking at really *major*
> modification work. Now to take that T4 and put it into a T3, on the
> other hand, would still require a lot of engineering but at least you'd
> have a good car afterward. (Sorry T1 lovers -- T3s *rule*!)


> => Providing I can't find a 411/412 chassis, what would you do with this
> => engine.
> Its best and easiest application is in a late Bus, and if you decide to
> sell it, look for a Bus owner. If the heads are not cracked, it's worth
> at least $500 regardless of mileage.


> => What would you do with a T3 engine without a chassis?
> Find yourself a nice straight Square that needs an engine and go to
> *town*. Great car!

> Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ
> '66 KGhia 1600 (who killed her first bugs today, folks!)

  Thanks for the help Steven!

Paul Ward
Getting closer to the identity on this engine....

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