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Re: FI Computer

I had this problem too. I would perform the following tests before I tried
to debug the brain electronics. I would check the wiring by removing the
brain, the sliding plastic shroud over the connector and then the connector
to the brain.

Each wire is numbered. Wire #3 goes to cylinder 1, wire #4 to cylinder  4,
wire #5 to cylinder 2 and wire #5 to cylinder 3.

Each connector at the injector has 2 leads, one goes to the brain and the
other goes to ground. With a continuity tester, check continuity between the
connector at the brain and the connector at the injector. With a ground
tester, check the ground between the brown wires on the top of the engine
block (righmost and center as you face the engine standing at the rear of
the car) to the other side of the connector at the injector.

You may find you either have a broken wire going to the connector to the
brain or a broken ground wire going to the engine.

If you have continuity and a good ground, and you are sure that injector #3
is firing, and you are sure the injector is good, you may indeed have a bad
brain. If you find that injector #3 is "not" firing however, you probably
have a set of dirty or bad trigger points (which was the source of my
particular problem).

BTW, if the brain is bad, you can actually buy them rebuilt from Bosch. If
you get a used one, be sure its for the correct year.

Hope this helps.

Steve B.

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From: Bogdan KUCINSCHI <bogdan@meca.omtr.pub.ro>
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Date: Tuesday, June 09, 1998 7:17 AM
Subject: FI Computer

>Hi everybody,
>I'am new on the list and now it's the first time I write you.
>I have a very nasty problem with the Fuel Injection on my '71
>Square: the #2 injector doesn't receive signal from the computer.
>I checked and rechecked the wires, boots, I made sure the injector is OK,

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