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RE: FI Computer

I cracked my brain (FI computer) once-  pretty scary solid state

There was someone on the list doing a schematic, but i havn't heard from
them in a long long time.....

The good part is that everything in there is incredibly indestructable-
I'mm sure the fault is somewhere else.  In my 71 fastback, my connectors
were hirribly tarnished, they needed 'tightened' like in the John Muir
book, and one of my wires was cracked in the insulation-  

I evetually had to break out the occiliscope and trace it all out.  Its
fun way to spend a night--- especially when you had 2 goats mauling you.
(long story).  So break out the O-Scope, check all you elads coming off
the brain first, then rig up some test leads or whetever.  

Long live FI!!!



> Hi everybody, 
> I'am new on the list and now it's the first time I write you. 
> I have a very nasty problem with the Fuel Injection on my '71
> Square: the #2 injector doesn't receive signal from the computer. 
> I checked and rechecked the wires, boots, I made sure the injector is
> OK,
> so I'm now convinced that there's something wrong with the computer. I
> have some skill in electronics and I seriously consider the
> possibility to
> open the its box. However, I don't have an electric diagram of the
> computer. I have the Probst's book, but it's rather general and it's
> not
> of much help. What I found reading it is that the injectors are
> triggered
> in pairs and as #1 injector seems to work properly, I think that the
> fault
> is at the power amplif. level.
> 	Could anybody help me with the electric diagram of the computer?
> Thanks,
> 	'71 Squareback

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