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Re: Type3 Without A Chassis.

<BLOCKQUOTE TYPE=CITE>First, is it *really* a Type III engine (T3) or a
Type IV engine (T4)?&nbsp; You say you got it out of a 411 which is a Type
IV.&nbsp; It makes a difference!</BLOCKQUOTE>
Well, I assumed (doh!) that it was a type 3 based on the engine serial
number and the serial number list found on&nbsp; <A HREF="http://www.vwtype3.org/info-serial-numbers";>http://www.vwtype3.org/info-serial-numbers</A>

<P>This engines serial number is U0210477.&nbsp; Based on the list, my
guess is that it falls between 12/'86 and 7/'69.&nbsp; Am I right?
<BLOCKQUOTE TYPE=CITE>The T3 case (sans fan shroud and cooling tin) fit
in a Type I, though the heat exchangers are different.&nbsp; Hell, with
enough money anything will fit (which is what is keeping me from putting
a gas turbine engine in MY baby >:)</BLOCKQUOTE>
Ok, good, thanks.&nbsp; Yea, that <I>money</I> thing... :)
<BLOCKQUOTE TYPE=CITE>Though it does take a little work a T4 engine will
fit in a T1 or a T3.</BLOCKQUOTE>
Ok. Noted.
<BLOCKQUOTE TYPE=CITE>What would I do with the engine and no chassis?&nbsp;
Sell the engine or, like in the case of the '65 I currently have, fix it
back up as a show piece.&nbsp; Or find an engineless body for it...</BLOCKQUOTE>
Ok, thanks for the options

<P>Paul Ward
<BR>There's a VW in my future, I can <I>feel</I> it!


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