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Type3 Without A Chassis.

I'm new to the Type 3 list, pardon my lack of knowledge on these questions.

<P>This past weekend, I acquired a Type3/Injected VW engine.&nbsp; This
engine was on it's way to the boneyard and I volunteered to give it a temporary
home.&nbsp; I just couldn't let this engine die the slow and painful death.&nbsp;
Besides, the price was right. ;-)

<P>Here's the history.&nbsp; This T3 engine lived in a 411 until it's body
was beyond repair rust and was extracted, in running condition, by the
previous keeper.&nbsp; (This was 15 years ago.)&nbsp; It has been under
cover, in a barn since that time and now is in a garage.&nbsp; It has the
automatic transmssion.&nbsp; As far as I can tell, the engine and transmission
are complete with the exception of the bent sheet metal around the cylinder
heads.&nbsp; (Heat collectors?)&nbsp; I have no pictures, sorry.

<BR>- I have been told that the T3 engine does not fit in a T1 chassis.&nbsp;
Is this true?
<BR>&nbsp; (I have visited the local boneyards and there are no 411/412's
to transplant this engine into.)

<P>- Providing I can't find a 411/412 chassis, what would you do with this
engine.&nbsp; I have been told that you can part it out with a T1 engine.&nbsp;
Is this true?&nbsp;&nbsp; (This seems like&nbsp; terrible waste for a kinda
rare pancake engine.)

<P>- Would a kit car chassis be a better home for this engine?&nbsp; Any
suggestions on the kit?

<P>- What would <I>you</I> do with a T3 engine without a chassis?&nbsp;
I welcome any and all opinions.

<P>BTW- I'm on a limited budget.

<P>Thanks for your help!

<P>-Paul Ward
<BR>Previous Golf GL owner.


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