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Re: AZ Squareback

> know where to get a good squareback in AZ for under $2000?
I was thinking of selling mine within the next few months.  I hate to deal
so I was just going to make it the first $2000 gets a bunch of stuff -
accessories including roof rack, tow hitch, parcel tray, etc., A few boxes
of extra Type 3 parts, all early T3.  The basic run down is that it's a '65
S model with 141K, original.  No cancer, some surface rust 'cause the
original paint is wearing down.  Daily driver (30+ miles/day), also drove it
from Northern California when I moved to Glendale, AZ.  There's pics on my
web page but the cool rims are replaced with later stock rims.  It's
converted to 4-lug but I have all the 5-lug stuff - rims, correct hubcaps,
full front suspension, rear drums.  The 5-lug parts would be additional $.

It does need some minor stuff, of course.  I think new chokes are needed.
Overall, an excellent full-resto candidate or continued daily driver.

I have been debating back and forth on whether to sell but there's this
low-mileage,  '62 Variant and this original paint '60 Double Cab...  You
know how it goes.

Everett Barnes
Glendale, AZ

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