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Re: Type 3 Registration

>> Big Al
>How do I see who all has registered?  Any idea when you'll have the part
>numbers up?
>Peter Parker

Hi Peter,

Right now I am getting permission from those who signed up previously. When I get answers I will make the files available.  I want everyone to feel comfortable with what info is available to EVERYONE on the internet...  The posted version form can be limited to selected information.

(BTW, I have changed the form to add a permission blank so I won't have to do this again... )

Part numbers and illustrations are coming along slowly but surely.  There are a LOT of illustrations and I am making the images clickable, so you can see, it's very time consuming.  

My goal is to put up complete sections and not partial ones.

I am getting email bounces from some of the previously registered owners.  Unfortunately, I will have to delete these registrations If I can't find the owners.  If you have registered, and have changed addresses, please re-register.  If you are not sure if you have or have not registered, go ahead and register, I am weeding out duplicates.
Go here  http://www.autographica.com/t3_parts_book

Big Al

If psychics know the winning lottery numbers, why are they all still working?



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