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Production Survey results... 06/07/98

(For all you statistic freaks out there... )

Interesting information I am getting through the Registry:

Model Year most registered:  1971
Model year with NO registrations:  1964  
(all other years have at least 1 model registered)

Model most registered  Squareback Sedan (Variant) LHD

Number of registered models:
Squarebacks LHD  16
Fastbacks LHD  13
Notches LHD 11
Type 3 Ghias LHD 3
Type 3 Ghia Sunroofs   LHD  3
Notch RHD 1
Fastback  RHD  1
Fastback Sunroof  LHD 1
Squareback RHD  1
Squareback Factory Panel option 1
Squareback Sunroofs LHD   1
Type 3 Ghia Sunroof RHD   1
Type 3 Powered Trikes 1*
     (* I'm not yet sure how to represent this one on the production survey...)

Country most registered   USA

Areas registered:
Area (# registered) 
Texas ,  USA    (9)
Florida ,  USA    (5)
California ,  USA     (5)
Australia    (3)
Finland    (2)
Canada    (2)
Sweden   (2)
UK  (2)
Maryland ,  USA     (2)
Missouri ,  USA     (2)
Washington ,  USA     (2)
Pennsylvania ,  USA     (2)

Remainder have 1 each:
Virginia,  USA
Michigan ,  USA
Massachusetts ,  USA
Oregon ,  USA
Tennessee ,  USA
Connecticut ,  USA
Georgia ,  USA
Ohio ,  USA
Idaho ,  USA
Virginia ,  USA
New York ,  USA
Illinois ,  USA
Vermont ,  USA
Kentucky ,  USA
South Africa

Big Al

Typical disclaimer stuff:
All information is from the registered info through the online registration form at 
The above information does not imply that these are the only Type 3's left.  I know that the Type Three List has over 200 members and many have multiple T-3's.

I have been getting new registrations as I wrote this and they will be added on the next round.

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