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Norwalk CT show on Sunday - Details and Directions

 Northeast Classic Volkswagen Festival
Gallagher's Estate-Cranbury Park, Norwalk, CT.
Car show and swap meet, sponsored by Connecticut Volskwagen Association,
The Vintage Volkswagen Club of America, and Volkswagen United States.
 General admission $3.00 - under 5 is free. Swap space $15.00. Contact Andy
Benson (516)-420-0435 for more info.

I just got off the phone with Mr. Benson and got the following directions:

Take Rt 95 south to exit 15 in CT.  This is the Route 7 north connector.

Follow Route 7 connector until it ends and turn right.

About 100 yards down  there will be a sign for Route 7, Turn left here.

Go down Route & to Friendlies restaurant, the cross street will be KENSETT Rd.
Turn right here.

Go up Kensett Rd. to the top of the hill, and the park will be strait ahead.

I was thinking that if people want to meet before the show, the Friendlies would
 be a good place considering people are coming in from different directions.

What does eneryone else think?

what would be a good time??  8:00??

Let me know if anyone plans on meeting there, or I wont bother to wait around.


Boyd Drew
1971 GTV Super Beetle  -   :-)  Will be there
1965 Notchback 1500s -      :-(     Won't be there

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