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I think I'm going mad.

I'm going to try something I considered then gave up, laughing, once I
thought about it for more than one second.

Well, I had thye idea again.  Didn't remember it, mind you, but had it

I'm going to revive my notch.

For those of you who have better things to do than remembr my VW life
story, I was the guy that got a 1971 square(complete), 1966 fastback
sunroof (no motor or interior or pan) and 61 (haven't checked-or towed
it home yet) Notch (says 1500 S on the back.  is that good?),no engine
or enterior or floor.  or back window.  But it does have a fine tree
growing in it, oak i think.

So that was a year ago.  I never even towed the notchback from behind
the guys barn where it sits right now, gave away the  fastback, and have
realized that at only 70,000 I have the least used square with
deathrust.  BAD deathrust.  Windows are about the fgall out rust.  but
the pan is still good....

the notch pan is shot, but the rest is there...  not as pretty as it
could be, but there.....  has overriders (sweet!!!)....

My new fastback (70) has a carb engine that needs love, so I'm taking
the low mile and FI and putting it in the fastback....

I can take the carb engine, love it, put it in the squareback, take of
the body, put on the notch body, and have a notch!  I'm not sure why I
rejected the ide before, propably because I didn't have a spare engine.
Or maybe it was the realization that I might loose my wife if I spend
100000 dollars and the next 3 years in the backyard with a 36 year old

What do you all think????


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