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My Great Adventure - Part 2

YAHOOOOOOOO - My 71 Fastback is home!!!  

For those that don't know the story, I orginally bought this light blue 71
Fastback in 1991 for $1500 from the second owner (daughter of 1st owner) in
Erie, PA.  The car was in remarkable shape with only 36k miles on it!  I drove
the car for about a year and then sold for it for $1500 to my wife's cousin in
Troy, NY.  Pam drove the T3 for about 3 years and then tried to sell it.  I
bought the car back in 1995 for $400.  It now has 46k on the odometer, but I
know the odometer was broken for about a year, so it is probably closer to 55k
miles.  Well the poor thing has been stored at various places around Troy
until this weekend.

I talk a buddy of mine into roadtripping to get the car last weekend.  I
borrowed my boss's Ford Expedition and rented a U-haul trailer.  18 hours on
the road and about $250 later, she's back. (Yes, she's a she.)  No name yet.
Will have to see how the next couple of weeks go as I get her back on the
road.  I am sure a name will come to me.  The trip was uneventfull.

One really neat thing was getting to meet Keith Park.  Turns out Keith lived
about 3 miles from where she was stored for the last 9 months.  Keith's Notch
looks really great!  Saw it shortly after it was rolled out of the garage with
her temporary engine installed.  Keith has an awesome collection of parts.
(Thanks again for the filler neck)  I am sure I will be back for parts as I
get into my car.

First order of business for my Fastback is to get it on the road.  She needs a
new battery and a muffler (single QP).  She also needs some brake work and a
good cleaning.  The real work will be tackling the rustoration.  My welder
will get a work out.  She needs new rocker covers and probably the outside
edge of the driver's side pan.  She also needs some work on the front inner
fender wells and the bumper brackets (if I keep the bumpers).  Fortunately her
doors, front fenders, hood and decklid are in excellent shape. (Thanks for the
inspection, Keith).  She will eventually need a new front beam. (Damn the NY

I am planning a bit of custom restoration for her.  I will be installing
Vintage White-faced VDO gauges and I have a set of black leather Mustang seats
for her.  I will be keeping her powertrain stock (FI and Automatic trans)
until I can afford an aftermarket FI system and high quality rebuild.  I will
be adding a full flow filter when time permits.

I will be taking lots of pictures and plan to create a website in the next few
weeks to keep everyone posted.  Thanks for all the advice from the list so far
and I am sure I will need more in the future as I get into my new/old friend.

Later - 

John Jaranson
71 Fastback FI/Auto

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