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RE: front end squeals

It sounds like your brake squealing may be caused by worn brake hoses or gummed up calipers. What happens is that the brake hoses swell inside to the point where they let fluid through when you push on the pedal, but they won't release the all pressure when you let go of the pedal, and the pads don't retract fully from the rotor. Gummed up calipers result in the same squeal effect, due to the fact that the piston must remain free-floating in order for the piston seal to flex enough to allow the piston to move backward slightly when you release the pedal.

From: 	Jessica Hyman[SMTP:maebean@rocketmail.com]
Sent: 	Sunday, May 31, 1998 11:53 PM
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Subject: 	front end squeals

A few weeks ago I was having some brake problems.
Whenever I would brake while going downhill at medium
to high speeds my brake pedal would go almost to the
floor. The brake would eventually catch but not
before I saw my life flashing before my eyes. At
other times they worked fine. I had the brakes
adjusted and new pads put on. (The rotors are in
great shape so they were not re-machined) However, I
now have an almost constant squealing sound coming
>from the front end. I have been told that this is
normal because the pads are harder than the originals
and need some time to "fit" into the rotors but it's
been two weeks and this seems a little odd to me. The
bearings are fine and I can't figure out what else it
could be. Sometimes the noise stops when I turn left,
other times I can't hear it at all.
Any ideas?

'72 Squareback

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