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Re: [T3] T-Shirts

We made a sticker on the VINTAGVW list...the white oval, similar to the
country stickers/plates found in Europe, with an "@" symbol in the
middle...might be cool to do the same, but with a "3" in the middle.  I
know the type II list did something similar, but with "VW" in the middle.
Just am idea...

69 auto FI square
73 FI fasty
98 NB (all with @ sticker)


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Subject:  Re: [T3] T-Shirts

I have been toying with the T-Shirt thing for a while. My Brother has been
trying to get them big enough, but they come out real grainy.  We had
thought about just putting them on Pockets of Pocket-T's.  Any thoughts.???

Shawn & Lisa Albertin
65Variant(The EggCrate)
GrandVoyager(wifes vehicle)
2 DuneBuggies

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Date: Friday, July 31, 1998 11:06 AM
Subject: [T3] T-Shirts

>Has anyone ever tried to have printed some T3 mailing list shirts? I
>know it would make spotting one another at VW shows a lot easier. I was
>apart of a mailing list that did this same thing for a convention that
>was coming up , and everyone wore the shirts, and it was a blast finding
>people from the list that way...Just a thought.
>Chris Doyle
>'70 SQB AT
>PS if some of the tweakings to the list include having messages preceded
>by [T3] I like it....easier to use filters that way......
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