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[T3] Need a Rebuilt Transmission...

Hi Folks,

I have a 1970 Squareback with about 242k on the original trans
(as far as I know, it is original, it is certainly worn out enough
to be!)

The problem I have had since I bought the car six years ago is 
when you shift from third to second, it often goes in to fourth.
I have to hunt for second to get it in to first, and the synchros
for shifting down to second from third are pretty worn.   It only
goes smoothly if I am traveling about 10 miles an hour or less.

Anyway, I have been told there is nothing that can be done to
make the shifting easier.  It is just a worn transmission.  It doesn't
fall out of gear or make a whine noise, but it is difficult to
shift unless you are used to it like me.

So I will have a rebuilt transmission installed next month for 
$625 + $75 core charge.  The trans comes with a three year 
unlimited milage warranty.  

What I want to know is, should I be worried that they will install
a trans from a Type I, which I understand could work?  I want the
same gear ratios.  I do know that the 1971-3 transmissions have
gears with more teeth, so I am sure I will get one like that.  But I
don't want to get a trans with lower gear ratios, especially 4th 

Thanks for your advice/info.

Dave 1970 Squareback

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