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RE: [T3] So ungrounded (fwd)

I would like to add something in general about fuses and erratic
electrical systems.  

Always buy the expensive (I want to say ceramic, but I am having a block
right now) fuses for your car.  The cheap ones that are made of cheap
plastic have a coefficient of expansion (thermal) such that with a
temperature increase, they deform (over a long time) and the
spring-loaded holder is no longer sufficient for a good electrical

One of the first things that I do on all my german cars is to make sure
they dont have the cheap fuses in them.  Its a cheap fix.  Once again,
its one of those things where I cant really explain which fuses i'm
talking about, but if you pay attention, and see them next to each other
you can see a clear difference.  Maybe someone else knows what I am
talking about and can explain better.


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Hello Brian, 
Check your fuses. Make sure that the fuse to the high beam on the bad
isn't blown or (the more probable problem) corroded.
David Sanders

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