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RE: FI pressure blues-long and droning...

Whoah......hey everyone, tell me if I'm wrong here...

So the fuel pump pressure side is the DRIVERS side???  wow...I did
something very, very wrong...

I have the pressure from the fuel pump going through the passenger side,
on to the reluator end  that threads through the firewall , 'round the
fuel rail, and back down the passenger side.  Did I get it backwards?  I
assumed the regulator was the first thing that the fuel hit, before the

I'll draw a picture.  In about 10 minutes go look at

I'll draw what I'm thinking.


> -----Original Message-----
> From:	Jim Adney [SMTP:jadney@vwtype3.org]
> Sent:	Wednesday, July 29, 1998 11:42 PM
> To:	RJ Latherow
> Subject:	RE: FI pressure blues-long and droning...
> On 29 Jul 98, at 9:49, RJ Latherow wrote:
> > I think mine is dead.  The drill bit trick didn't work-
> I've never actually done this, I'm just pretty sure it should work.  
> I will try it myself later to make sure I'm not misleading you.
> > Actually, let me double check.  You said the outlet side.  That
> means
> > the one perpendicular to the part that screws in the firewall, the
> one
> > that shares a plan with the adjustment bolt, right?
> No, the outlet is the one that threads into the "firewall."  The one 
> that is on the same side of the firewall as the adjusting screw is 
> the inlet.  If you try to pressurize the outlet, I would expect very 
> little to happen.
> > At one point the drill bit stuck in the sensor and I needed a pair
> of
> > pliers to get it out, so I think I would feel alot safer just
> getting a
> > spare from you.  name your price, Cap'n Jim.
> Hmmm,  If you actually need one I could sell you a good used one for 
> $40 including shipping.  All years are alike except for 72-3 AT with 
> EGR.
> > BTW my aircompressor has a regulator.,  I pumped her up to 80 PSI
> before
> > I got to scared and shut it off...
> Fair enough.
> Jim
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