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Re: Swap?

On 29 Jul 98, at 11:24, John Clift wrote:

> Well I located Peek Performance in Seabrook Maryland who can get the 
> Bosch pressure sensor.The dude at Peek says I might be able to use the 
> 0 280 100 007 sensor  instead of ... 043 sensor , despite my having a 75-76 
> 914 2.0L ECU
> He wants $150 for it, but says if I want the 043 its $250 coz thats what 
> Royze wants for it (darn porsche people he he ).
> anyway will it work? 
> again my throttle switch is got four wires.
> I may just suck it up and pay the $250 if its more reliable and more 
> appropriate to the system.

It's impossible to guess what you NEED.  It is only clear that some 
PO figured he could outsmart the experts and put in a number of 
different parts.  Here's what we know:

The PS is from a late 2.0 914.

The computer is hand marked as coming from a late 2.0 914.

The wiring harness is from a 70 or 71 type 3.

The throttle valve switch is from a 70 or 71 type 3.

Questions I would have:

What else has been changed.

Is this a type 3 engine?

What is the displacement of the engine?

The real problem here is that we are trying to determine the answer 
to a threefold question:  Did the PO have a brain?  if so, was he 
using it when he did this work, and, again if so, what was he 
thinking when he did all this?

Lets start with the engine number.  It may be totally irrelevant, but 
if it is a 70-1 case, then I am betting that this is just a swapped 
70-1 1600 engine.  If it appears to be the original case, then I 
would say that there is a pretty good chance that it is just the 
original 1600 72 engne.

[The 72-3 engines have an extra red breather hose coming off each 
head and feeding into the right side of the air cleaner.]

But if it is a completely different case, then there is a good chance 
that it has been hopped up and you'll never know what you've got 
without tearing it down or finding the guy who did it.

My first bet would be that it is a swapped 70-1 engine with the 
harness from the same donor car, because that person thought it would 
be easier to just do the swap that way.  In that case I'd bet that 
the brain and PS were swapped by someone who figured that just 
putting in the "Porsche" brain, etc. would give more power.

So what is your engine number?

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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