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RE: screeeeech

Hi Jim,

	The usage of the word "wigger" on this list appeared first in a
posting by Chris Swafford on Friday 7/24.  Having never heard the word,
but suspecting it to be derogatory and unacceptable on this list, I
publicly requested that Chris fully and completely explain his usage of
the word. (I will forward to you Chris' original message and my reply in
case you missed them.) 

	In the meantime, several others have reiterated my public request
that this be explained.  Bryan's post (the one to which you responded 
directly) is in response to the post from Chris, and is an attempt to 
shed some light on what Chris may have intended to mean in his
original post.

	Chris -- the original poster -- has not offered the list an
explanation of his original comment.  I cannot presume that he has checked
his e-mail in the last several days.  Chris, please do explain your
original message in detail to the entire group before posting any other

	Folks are expected to be polite and respectful here on the Type
III mailing list, and, most importantly, stand behind what they say. 
Those who do not will be asked to discontinue participation. 

-Greg Merritt
'69 & '71 Squarebacks
'63 Beetle

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