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Re: Not shy at all


Sure, rub it in!  Make us feel like we got ripped off!

Seriously, your car is impressive and in great mechanical shape as well.
Ela and I are driving our Beetle to Poland this week.  Leave on Friday.  It
is a 1400km trip one way, but one that we cannot wait to make.  There is
nothing better than a long road trip in an ACVW.  We don't even have a
radio in the Varian and we rarely use the stock radio in the beetle.  The
engine itself is the best music (most of the time).  All the best and let
me know when you would like to visit.  Our door is always open.  

Take care, 


At 12:52 PM 7/27/98 -0400, John Clift wrote:
>Hi, Well Im not shy about prices. I paid $1200 for my 1971 Fastback in 
>October of 1987.  
>Except for my current prob with the pressure sensor, 
>the car has been the single most dependable car i have ever owned and by 
>far the cheapest to operate. I bought the car with 85,000 miles and 
>currently have 170,000 miles on it. 
>I had the transmission rebuilt at 150,000 miles and the motor done at 
>169,000 miles. 
>I dont know the value of my car today but Im guessing a tad more than 
>what I paid for it. 
>Funny thing is, back in 1987 I sold my Scirocco and was lookin for a 
>Squareback. I was on my way to look at one I had seen in the paper when i 
>saw this tan fastback parked in a driveway. It wasnt for sale but i 
>knocked on the door and the owner said they were moving and were just 
>about to put it in the paper for sale. Good timing yeah? I made an offer 
>and we talked about the car and I bought it and drove it home. I never 
>did make it to see the sqaureback. 
>I still do that sort of thing where I see an interesting car and leave a 
>note or knock on the door. I was suprsed at how many people called me 
>back to sell the car or just to chat about it.
>Sometimes all you gotta do is just ask.
>John 71 Fastback

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