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Re: type3-d Digest V98 #184

In a message dated 98-07-26 23:42:57 EDT, you write:

<< Any other suggestions for making a squareback quiter on the highway? >>
Uhh, tow it? Just kidding. Really I've had every exhaust system known to type
3, and my current setup is the one that works the quietest, Stock muffler.
These are getting harder to find so IF you can pick one up in a junkyard, do
it. I didn't notice any power loss or gain, but I did notice a better fit and
less noise ( every quiet pack I've owned has sounded like crap) but to each
his own I guess. One thing that did help me is to remove the studs and clean
up the threads with the correct size tap (8mm I think), also tighten down all
the bolts. The tap ran me around $2 and all new studs were a quarter each. New
gaskets are fairly cheap too. Made a world of difference.

Now for my ?, I've been told there are no stupid ?'s only stupid answers. So
here goes, after adjusting my valves last week, I've noticed a slight oil leak
from the valve covers. Yes I replaced the gaskets, and I put sealant on the
cover side only. Should I put sealant on BOTH sides? I've been told to bend
the bales tighter, and to get new valve covers. Is this necessary? The oil
drips down and soaks into the heater box wrappings, where it burns off,
emitting a foul odor and clouds of white smoke i could do without, Thanx for
all help. 

65 Notch (in a cloud of smoke)

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