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Re: FI pressure blues-long and droning...

On 27 Jul 98, at 10:59, RJ Latherow wrote:

> 1970 fastback with 1971 FI, complete.  All parts just swapped from
> perfect runing car, including all but one hose.

> Won't start.  Undo hose right at fuel rail right past the regulator.
> Nuttin but drips .  Ah-ha.
> Drop engine (Its easier) and undo regulator.  Put extension of fuel
> line, wire the pump to run.  Streams out rather nicely.
> Regulator. hmm.  Same test throught the regulator, just drips.

There should be no flow through the PR until the fuel pressure 
reaches ~30 psi.

> play with the adjustment, just drips.


> Hmm. Maybe fuel pressure not good enough.  get air compressor.  adjust
> it to 60 psi.  Hook it up to regulator.  barely a hiss.
> Is my regulator shot?  Is air pressure the same as fuel pressure? Was
> that a valid test?  Anyone have a spare?  Augh! Did the check valve on
> the pump get stuck???

Just to be clear:  The PR inlet comes out the side of the large 
cylindrical part; the outlet comes out the end opposite the adjusting 

Did you monitor the air pressure while you did your test?  Are you 
sure that the pressure applied to the PR was really 60 psi?

I have never seen a failed one, but yours sounds "stuck."  Air 
pressure should be the same as gas pressure.  Try this: Select the 
largest drill bit that will fit EASILY in the outlet hole of the PR.  
Drop it in there backwards, and then, holding the PR in your hands, 
push the point of the drill against a board or tree (something that 
won't hurt the drill point, and yet won't move.)  You should be able 
to feel the spring in the PR give at some point.  Compress and 
release it several times.  

It is just possible that the seal of the PR has rusted against the 
seat.  You may just have to break that rust bond to get it to work 

If it really is shot, I have good used units.


Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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