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Re: She no go

Hi Carl!
 I'll try for the easy one first; on the headlamp problem make aure that
your headlamps are well grounded.   With the dim light that sounds like that
might be the problem.  Also you might check the fuse for that light.

  There are more knowledgeable people on the list than me , but the timing
sounds a bit off. Late I think... 
 Have  you checked for fuel?  (I'm embarrassed to say that I worked on mine
for 3 hours before I thought to check for gas in the tank....)              
  Did it run before the new needle and seat?
  Have you checked to see if you have any clogged fuel lines?  ( there might
be a bunch of crud in your gas tank and that will give you fits if its the
last thing that you check.) 
 Your fuel pump might have died.
  You might check for gas at the carbs by working the linkages (with the
motor OFF by the way) and listening and looking for  gas shooting down the
  Just the stuff I'd look at,
Theo B
1970 pastellwhite Fastback 


My type 3 fastback will not start any more (she use to up till a week
ago). I have checked and replaced the following:
Timing set to 0'
New plugs (the expensive type with 4 points:-)
New condenser
new plug wires
new points
fuel filter
needle and seat. + gaskets in the carb (solex pdsit 34 if memory serves)

I checked and do get spark thus the prob must be with the fuel BUT WHAT
or where?


O and she will not shine the left head light when on dims (brights are
fine). There is a faint glow but the parks give off more light.
The bulb is fine cos if I swap them the problem stays on the left light


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