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Revisited: Hot #3 &#4 cyl.

This ia an update to an earlier e-mail.   I wish to thank those that

It turns out that the reason that side was running hot was that it was
about a half a quart low on oil (DOH!!!)  Why the left side only?  Well,
it turns out that at the same time I was rebuilding my carbs I had
jacked up the the left rear to work on a brake adjustment and inspect
the linings and wheel cylinders.  WHen I ran the engine this way all the
oil must have gone to the right side of the engine.  This would explain
why it was running so hot on the left cylinders and so cool on the
right.  Being a half a quart low only aggravated the problem.

On a different topic, I also learned that a minor adjustment of the
brake pedal adjustment can have major implications on braking action.
When I was road testing my car the rear wheels locked up on me while
doing about 35 MPH and applying moderate brake pressure.  I read the
Bentley Brake troubleshooting guide and it mentioned that uneven braking
action can be caused by incorrect brake pedal pushrod clearance.  I
adjusted it to with in the 5-7 mm specified and... Voila!! no more wheel
lock up.  In fact, I can't ever remember the brakes feeling this good.
They are very underrated.   I only moved it maybe 1/8 inch and it made
all the difference.

The moral is... Check evrything out first before buying parts.  

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